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Below are additional papers or projects that I have done throughout my Master's program.

How to Work with SMEs

This project is in the process of being created in the IT 5600 Multimedia Authoring: Web class led by Dave Young as an independent study project. The theme of the project is how to work with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). The project consists of building a website, creating an instructional design plan, creating an online course and assessment, and keeping a project journal. This project is helping me to further my skills and knowledge about creating effective online training.

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Best Practices: Designing and Developing WebBased Training with Macromedia MX’s Dreamweaver, Flash, and ColdFusion (PDF)

This paper discusses best practices in designing and developing WebBased Training (WBT) with Macromedia MX’s Dreamweaver, Flash, and ColdFusion. When designing and developing WBT it is essential to use best practices in order to create the best possible usercentered experience for the learner. In many ways, creating WBT is as big a project as defining the organization’s Enterprise Architecture (EA). An organization needs to know the whole picture of the organization, such as, culture, technology, and have support of top executives for the WBT project. The paper will first give the background of WBT, and Macromedia MX’s Dreamweaver, Flash, and ColdFusion. Then it will define and analyze the major issues surrounding WBT best practices using Macromedia MX’s Dreamweaver, Flash, and ColdFusion. Finally, the paper will discuss personal conclusions, and recommendations for instructional designers and developers who might want to implement best practices in their WBT projects that use Macromedia MX’s Dreamweaver, Flash, and ColdFusion.

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Using Flash MX ActionScript

Flash is much more than an animation tool. Programmers use ActionScript, which is Flash’s programming language, to create user interfaces. Now Flash programmers and Flash users both have an easier time because Flash MX and Flash Remoting make it easier for programmers to create rich Internet applications that are user friendly.

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Using the Balanced Scorecard to Determine Corporate Information Needs (PDF)

This paper covers topics about using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to determine corporate information needs. Organizations have long been able to determine the financial and accounting measures but these methods do not give the full picture. The BSC was developed to help organizations measure performance and strategies that are not measured in the traditional way financial assets are measured. First, there will be a discussion about the general background or history of how BSC was created and first used. Then major issues surrounding BSC will be identified and analyzed. Using the BSC to complete the picture of an organization gives a better over all picture of the state of the organization.

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Information Architecture: Should we plan the Architecture of a Website? (PDF)

Discussions in this paper will start off giving the background of what enterprise architecture (EA) is all about, and the role that information architecture (IA) ends up playing in businesses EA. Then the discussion will go into defining IA, and the major architectural issues of IA. Finally, I will give my personal conclusions and recommendations for companies who may want to implement IA correctly within their EA plans.

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Knowledge Management Technologies: Human Resources at the University of Denver (PDF)

This paper discusses how organizations that use KMT are more centralized because they share databases, information, and technologies throughout the company. There is less chance of an organization implementing technologies several times throughout the company because no one knew that others were doing the same thing. An Organization that uses KMT saves time, money, and its employees are more informed.

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