Instructional Design (ID) & Adult Learning Master's Portfolio

Dianne CalhounThis website is a showcase of class projects from my Master's program in the Information and Learning Technologies (ILT) of the School of Education at the University of Colorado at Denver (UCD).

As you browse these pages, you will find my reflection letter that describes my work background, my work in the ILT program, and how I plan to use the knowledge and skills learned here at UCD. A link to my résumé is included. I have provided a list of competencies required by the ILT program, and a page with links and descriptions of my projects along with how they fulfilled these competencies. I have also included two additional links, one for other papers that I have created during my Master's program and a list of resources that I feel are worthwhile.

If you have questions about my projects or for me personally, please don't hesitate to contact me at

My Inspiration for Teaching

Bama & BejiouThere have been many meaningful people in my life that have inspired me to have a love for teaching others. However, the biggest influence was my great grandmother, Bama. She told me "There is nothing better than teaching--as the rewards for yourself and those you are teaching are endless."

Bama was a great role model and she was still teaching people to read at the age of 88. Her love of teaching spanned many decades and influenced many people.