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Learning & Training Innovations Online Magazine - provides 'breaking' news, realworld case studies, research reports, in depth technology articles, and expert columns, and to connect with your peers.

ASTD Training & Development Magazine -

T&D magazine has led the evolution of the profession from training and development to workplace learning and performance—with the purpose to deliver to its readers the emerging trends and proven best practices.

Chief Learning Officer Magazine -

Chief Learning Officer magazine focuses on solutions for enterprise productivity in the enterprise learning market. Chief Learning Officer has its own family of supporting publications, including the Web site and the Chief Learning Officer Executive Briefings electronic newsletter.

Learning in the New Economy eMagazine (LiNE Zine) -

Learning in the New Economy eMagazine (LiNE Zine) is an editorially independent publication introducing the best thinking on learning, performance, knowledge, and human capital in the New Economy.

Using the Web for Interactive Teaching and Learning: The Imperative for the New Millennium – Whitepaper

If you are an educator interested in the issues around using technology to improve learning outcomes, this white paper is for you. The paper reviews key trends in learning theory, research on learning styles, and use of computer aided instruction. It also discusses best practices for implementing online and distance learning.

Using the Web to Train Knowledge Workers: The Imperative for the New Millennium - Whitepaper

If you deal with technology and training in corporations, you will benefit from this white paper. The paper summarizes key trends and issues in the corporate training market and goes on to review the changing roles of knowledge workers.

Getting Started with eLearning Standards - Whitepaper

This primer will help you identify and implement the key capabilities of each standards body and their respective specifications.

eLearning the Future of Learning – Whitepaper

The aim of this paper is to talk about how the future of eLearning is not just in technology, but also in the potential to integrate the following several key areas:

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