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Below are titles and brief descriptions of each project, with links to the project pages containing more detailed information. Go to the high-level project matrix page for an overview of what competencies each project meets.

**Click here to see my final Masters project, How to Work with SMEs.

What is Learning? Experience, Reflection, Practice, and Application

In the final project, created for Professor Kim Peterson's EPSY 5220 – Adult Learning and Education class, I studied the theories and principles of adult learning and adult education with an emphasis on practical applications and design of programs of instruction for adult learners. The project includes a definition of adult learning, the observation of situated adult learning, a report on adult learning, the defined adult learning needs, and a prescription for adult learning.

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Innovative Approaches: Developing Effective Stories to Complement Instruction

In this project, created for Professor Brent G. Wilson's IT 6720: Research in Information and Learning Technologies (ILT) class, the final product was a research paper on using stories to complement instruction. The basic requirements of the research paper was to engage in a process of inquiry, including:

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Evaluation of the Present Level 2 Assessment System

In this project, created for Professor Professor Brent G. Wilson and Len Scrogan's IT 5990: Assessment and Technology class, I worked independently to produce a project about how the organization I work for uses a formative approach to assessments for the courses created in the instructional design process. The assessments are designed to measure the participant’s knowledge, skills, and ability to master the content of the course. Multiple-choice questions are the only type of question used for our assessments (this includes using graphics or long case scenarios). This project shows ideas for new and creative ways to use multiplechoice questions so the participants may recall the material for use in their jobs and to prepare for certification.

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CMAT: The Clinical Medicine Assessment Tool

In the final project, created for the instructors, Daniel Klassen and Eric Replinger, in the IT 6120: Design Studio for Project Management and Collaboration class, we met a deliverable that solved a human performance problem. Our analysis needed to show a gap between existing learner knowledge and/or skills. Our final project was an online assessment tool that provided our client with the knowledge and/or skills to help assess her student's knowledge and/or skill gap with diagnosing patient illnesses from reading abstracts that may or may not be related to the patient's illness.

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Trends and Issues: The Impact of Learning Objects

In this group project, created for Professor Brent G. Wilson and Chuck Ferguson's IT 6750: Current Trends and Issues in Instructional Technology class, our team determined that the need to take classroom-based instruction, materials, and information to create a low-cost, high quality instruction in a web-based format has given way to the concept of Learning Objects (LOs). The paper presents the trends and issues related to how instructional designers use LOs in their training courses and how that affects the learners.

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